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  • 5000 GB transfer storage

  • Files available for 365 days

  • Password protection

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Free for Beta


The exclusive offer available during beta version only.

Afterward, the Free plan will include 10 GB per transfer.

  • 10 GB - 1000 GB per transfer

  • 0 GB storage size

  • Files available for 10 days

  • Offer available now

ProfessionalSave 20%

8 /monthly

12096 /yearly

Best for sending large files regularly.

Coming soon
  • 250 GB per transfer

  • 1500 GB storage size

  • Files available for 365 days

  • Password protection

PremiumSave 20%

18 /monthly

276 216 /yearly

Best for sending really large files regularly.

Coming soon
  • 500 GB per transfer

  • 5000 GB storage size

  • Files available for 365 days

  • Password protection

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Free for Beta


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Coming soon

Sending files

  • Transfer size limit
    10 GB (1000 GB Beta)
    250 GB
    500 GB
  • Storage size
    0 GB
    1500 GB
    5000 GB
  • Custom expiration date
    10 days
    Up to 365 days
    Up to 365 days
  • Downloading files during upload
  • Continue sending files after interruption
  • Downloads with no account
  • Multi-threaded upload
  • Custom date and time email sending
  • Limiting the max. number of downloads
  • Track downloads

Stay secure with us

  • Transfer analysis with anti-virus software
  • SSL/TLS and AES 256-bit encryption
  • Password protected transfers
  • Encryption of files stored on the server side


  • Analytics
  • Priority
    Medium Priority
    High Priority
    Highest Priority

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We are here to answer all of your questions.

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions. If you don’t see your question below, please visit our support center.

  • What is the maximum file size I can transfer?

    The maximum file size for transfer is 10GB for free users. Create an account to increase it.

  • How long are files stored on your server?

    Files are stored for 10 days for free users. After that, they are automatically deleted. With your SwiftSend account, you can set the expiration date up to a year in advance.

  • Can I transfer files anonymously without registering?

    You can transfer files without registering, but you must provide your email address so we can notify you when the end user receives the files and when the files expire.

  • What should I do if my file upload is interrupted or does not complete?

    In case a file upload is interrupted (e.g., internet connection failure), you can continue uploading from the point of interruption instead of starting the upload from the beginning.

  • How is the security of my transmitted files ensured?

    Security and privacy are the cornerstones of our application. We utilize secure transmission protocols (such as HTTPS) to establish a secure connection between your device and our servers. This ensures that your files are safeguarded from interception or eavesdropping by third parties.

  • Is it possible to set a password for my transferred files?

    Yes, you can set a password for your file transfers to provide additional protection (not available in Free Forever plan).

  • How will I know if my file has been successfully delivered to the recipient?

    You will receive a notification email when the recipient downloads the file. Registered users can see an access log of each transfer.

  • Can I track my file transfer history?

    Yes, you can track your transfer history in your profile's 'My transfers' section.

  • How can I contact your support if I have a problem?

    If you have a problem, you can describe it in detail on the Contact Support page.

  • If I sent files by mistake, can I close access to the files?

    Yes. Click on your profile, then the 'My transfers' section, and select the desired transfer. You can delete the transfer, hide or set a password, and much more.

  • What is your advantage over competitors?

    a. Your recipient can start downloading files immediately after you’ve started uploading files. Suppose the recipient's internet speed is not lower than your internet speed. They will finish downloading the files at about the same moment you finish uploading them. b. In case a file upload is interrupted (e.g., internet connection failure), the sender can continue uploading from the point of interruption instead of starting uploading from the beginning. c. When transferring multiple files within folders, organization is preserved during the entire cycle, from uploading through downloading.

  • Can I use your service for business purposes?

    Yes, as long as you do not violate our Terms of Service.